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Decoded - The Science Behind Why We Buy

Why do consumers buy what they buy? Scientific insights from various fields including psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics unlock the driving forces and underlying mechanisms of human decision-making, and purchase choices in particular. This book provides a journey through these fascinating insights from decision science. It is a practitioner's guide showing how to apply this valuable leading edge knowledge on consumer decision making to our day to day marketing work.

Portrait Decoded - The Science Behind Why We Buy

A perfect mixture of deep ideas from visual and decision neuroscience, and clear pictures of why those ideas matter for marketing.

Colin Camerer. Robert Kirby Professor of Behavioral Economics, Caltech

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PD Dr. Martin Scarabis

  • Genschow, O., Florack, A, Chib, V.S., Shimojo, S., Scarabis, M. & Wänke, M.,
    Measuring Recognition and Approach Speed to Get Insights into Consumer Choice. Open further information in new window To appear in: Basic and Applied Social Psychology.
  • Florack, A. & Scarabis, M.
    How advertising claims affect brand preferences and category-brand associations: The role of regulatory fit. Psychology & Marketing, 2006.
  • Scarabis, M., Florack, A. & Gosejohann, S.
    When consumers follow their feelings: The impact of affective or cognitive focus on the basis of consumers’ choice. Psychology & Marketing, 2006.
  • Florack, A., Scarabis, M. & Gosejohann, S.
    Regulatory focus and consumer information processing. In Kardes, F. R., Herr, P. M. & Nantel, J. (Hrsg.) Applying social cognition to consumer-focused strategy. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum 2005.

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