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Leveraging decision science to increase marketing effectiveness and maximize brand growth.

Use Cases

Examples of our capabilities

  1. Develop effective brand positioning and strategy

    We enable teams to improve value perception by helping them develop or sharpen their brand strategy to align with consumers' implicit brand choice drivers. We start our focus with the brand strategy because it must provide clear guidance on how to bring the brand to life via concrete brand codes. This clarity will result in better brand executions that impact consumers' choice.

  2. Leverage iconic assets

    Marketing means constantly changing products, packaging and communication to update the brand or better match with evolving consumer needs. However, some of the brand codes - the brand's Iconic Assets - have a significant impact on brand activation at point of sale. We help teams identify and manage these brand codes to maximize brand activation. Knowing which brand assets are "Iconic" helps you identify what assets should not changed and others that can be improved.

  3. Optimize impact of marketing mix

    Your team puts a lot of effort into developing the winning strategy or finding the winning concept for the next initiative. Whether or not this potential can be achieved is determined by HOW the strategy or concept is brought to life. Decision science insights guide concept translation throughout the development process to result in effective communication across all touchpoints.

  4. Implement innovation effectively

    Innovations are crucial to grow your brand, but the high failure rate of innovations indicates this is hard to achieve. Knowing how new products are perceived and processed by consumers' autopilot empowers teams to choose the idea with the highest chance to succeed and guides how to best implement the winning concept.

We were impressed by the scientific rigor and actionability of the results.

Behavioral Science Innovation Team, FMCG

You’ve done an amazing job on the ad decoding and landed it brilliantly with a lot of impact - so a huge thank you!

Consumer Market Intelligence, FMCG

Super helpful! It gives us exactly the guardrails we needed moving forward.

Head of Marketing, FMCG

The team is really excited about the learnings on the iconic assets we have! We will share this with our GM as it is really impactful and influential to future work.

Brand Manager, FMCG

Just wanted to thank you for your guidance and help in this project. I truly believe that the modifications we made to the scripts strengthened them in a very creative friendly manner.

Creative Director, Ad Agency

Brand Code Management

Consumers don't read strategy papers. The impact of your marketing activities is based on executing the right strategy into what consumers experience from your brand (e.g., see, hear, touch, taste, or smell). We leverage decision science principles and insights to guide teams on how to bring brand strategy to life through improved marketing.


Efficient access to consumer's autopilot.

In 2002, Daniel Kahneman received the Nobel Prize for showing that economic choices rely on the intuitive System 1. Kahneman also demonstrated how decisions evolve and how they can be influenced. For over 10 years, DECODE has translated these and related scientific insights into day-to-day marketing initiatives and market research. Our methods empower you to tap into consumers' System 1, understand how your marketing activities resonate with consumers' autopilot, and improve your strategy and execution across all marketing touchpoints.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – Supporting efficient Brand Management

Artificial Intelligence can be used to inspire and guide brand management and offers a more efficient way to…

  • uncover consumer insights
  • monitor brand equity
  • ensure consistent implementation across teams/regions
  • evaluate ideas and executions early in the process
  • optimize touchpoints with respect to relevant KPIs

Learn more about the opportunities AI offers for your brand.


Build decision science capabilities to optimize impact.

DECODE can empower your team to focus on what really determines marketing success by building a profound understanding of the underlying consumer behavior principles and how they can be influenced. Building this knowledge base in your team enables better business decisions to maximize marketing returns. We help you build this decision science knowledge base with customized training programs, e-learning platforms or apps.


Our DECODE team unifies a unique combination of experienced marketing practitioners and scientists to turn science into actionable marketing insights.


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